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Hot Stone Massage is now here!

January 15, 2018

Hot Stones (Now Here!) – Experience the warmth and relaxation of a therapeutic hot stone massage! The therapist uses all natural basalt stones to warm and massage the muscles, focusing on trigger points, obtaining a deeper massage. The heat of the stone promotes relaxation of tight muscles, pain relief, improves circulation, alleviates stress and enhances mental clarity. The heat of the stones relaxes muscles giving access to deeper muscle layers, expanding blood vessels and encouraging blood flow throughout the body. Combined with a full body massage this upgrade will bring your session to the next level. +$15 to any session.


Happy (upcoming) Valentine's Day!

February 10, 2018

With that very special day coming up, you don't want to leave your shopping to the last minute. Make it easy for yourself and treat your special someone to an amazing massage experience with you or solo!

We are offering 2 special Valentine's Day packages:

- Pamper You Both Package: includes two 1-hour massages, 2 upgrades, 2 roses and 2 boxes of chocolate $194*

- Pamper Your Boo Package: 1-hour massage, 1 upgrade, 1 rose and 1 box of chocolates $97*

Call or email to schedule your appointments on or around Valentine's day, these times will fill up quickly so don't wait! *Pre-purchase required, can schedule anytime, not just V-Day. Visit our online store to purchase online or call and purchase via phone.

Spring is in the air! Or is that snow again? 

April 18, 2018

Mother nature is teasing us with the crazy Nebraska weather! Give yourself a health boost and usher in a new season with a massage at In Touch Wellness. From now until May 15th, take a $15 off our regular price massage and an additional $15 off our already discounted 3 pack prepaid massages. You can purchase massages with this discount and use them at a later date, you are not required to schedule your appointments before the sale ends. New or returning clients are eligible for this promotion, not to be combined with other offers. Use promo code SPRING15 at checkout in our online store https://squareup.com/store/in-touch-wellness/

The day we honor the one we call 'MOM' 

April 18, 2018

It's that time of year again! The time where we give many thanks and lots of love to that special human who we call 'MOM'. Touch is one of the most important parts of our humanity and loving care. Our mothers were the ones that rubbed our tummies, kissed our boo-boos, massaged our backs and gave us the amazing healing power of touch when we were growing up. Give back to Mom with the gift of caring touch through massage therapy.  Bless her with the relaxation she never got from you as a kid! Help her embrace health and wellness with a Gift Certificate from In Touch Wellness. Visit our online store and load up any amount! Any gift purchase of $100 or more will receive a coupon for $30 credit* toward a same day massage service. Visit www.intouchwellness.net for a link to our online store.

(* $30 credit only eligible to be used with full price, same day massage sessions, not to be combined with any other coupons, deals or promotions)

Check out our new location and Sizzling Summer Savings!

April 18, 2018

Join us in celebration of our new location in the beautiful historic neighborhood of the Blackstone District in Midtown Omaha. This lovely area is being revitalized with new shops, restaurants, and entertainment, offering an array of experiences for you to enjoy. We are proud to announce In Touch Wellness returning to this area, nestled a few blocks into the tree-lined residential streets. Enjoy a relaxing 1-hour massage in our comfortable new rooms for only $40 this summer! Everyone can take advantage of this offer, new and current clients! If you have already prepaid for sessions with In Touch Wellness, we will extend your expiration date so you can take advantage of this great deal (speak with Charla for details)! Our new address is 501 S. 38th St., just 1 block south of Harney & Farnam Streets.