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Online Scheduling & Online Store

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Online Scheduling and Store

Here is some information about our online scheduling and online store!

-We use Square Point Of Sale online scheduling system.  This is a separate website from this one, there you can view our openings and request an appointment. We do not employ a front desk staff so this is the easiest, fastest way for you to schedule your preferred date and time.  We have provided links above and on our services page that will redirect you to this website.

- We use Square POS online store, here you can prepay for massage sessions by purchasing sessions for yourself or others. 

- To purchase an E Gift Card please visit

- When you choose to "schedule online" you are actually submitting a request for an appointment. That request is then reviewed by the therapist and at that time they can choose to accept or decline that request. We try very hard not to leave any openings that we cannot fulfill so most of the time we will accept the appointment request. However, we reserve the right at any time to decline the request for any reason.

- In order for the online booking system to work, we have to have set business hours. However, we reserve the right to only take as many clients as we feel physically able to on any given day. Example: We are "open" from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm, however the therapist that day might prefer to only do 4 massages. That means we might "close" early or we might "open" late, depending on when our chosen appointments begin and end. 

- Do your work graveyard shift or you're an overnight worker? We can help!  For a small additional fee, we will schedule a session for you outside of our business hours, applicable to full price massages only. An example of this would be a nurse who works an overnight shift and leaves work at 7 am, if it is convenient for the therapist we may accommodate a 7:30 am session for this person.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule outside of our posted massage hours, you may email (fastest) or call and leave a detailed voicemail.

- We require a credit or debit card to reserve your appointment request. This is to reserve your time slot, it effectively prohibits anyone else from requesting that appointment time. If you should choose not to cancel/reschedule 24 hours in advance or no call no show, it allows us to collect the cancellation fee (for more info on this policy see our policy and procedure page). This does not charge you for the appointment and you are still required to bring a method of payment to your appointment. 

- When scheduling your appointment, please choose the appropriate service and massage time length. Any additional services need to be added individually. Upgrades require us to ready certain equipment so if you do not specify you may not get your upgrade that day.

- If you are pregnant and need prenatal, or want a specific style of massage, you must put this information in the notes section when booking your appointment so we are prepared in advance.

- The online scheduling system is for your convenience as well as ours. Currently, we do not have a front desk staff, so please use the online booking system unless you absolutely need to speak with someone on the phone as the wait time for a return call can be lengthy.